The Fortress of Fortezza dominates the hill in Palaikastro, next to the old town of Rethymno and is one of the biggest fortresses of the Venetians. On this hill was built the citadel of ancient Rithimna and the Temple of Artemis Rokkaias, which have not survived.The majestic pentagonal fortress was built in 1573 and has a circumference of 1300 meters. Along the walls there are four bastions (St. Luke, St. Elias, St. Paul, St. Nicholas), who served the defense to the enemy.The fort is so big that could be a refuge for the whole city.

Inside the fort there are barracks, a church, a hospital and warehouses. The Main Gate is located between the bastions of St. Nicholas and St. Luke, at the point of access to the city was easier. The main gate is a large portico, which allow easy passage of wagons and weapons. Next to the entrance, there is the armory, which is a large two-storey building with arches in the interior, which now hosts cultural events and exhibitions. Walking to the bastion of St. Elias, you'll see one of the many reservoirs of the castle, they collected water from their roofs, and the theater of Erofili hosting events every summer. Also, there are two powder magazines in well-protected locations. Around the center of the fortress, stands the beautiful mosque of Ibrahim Khan, who was originally a Christian. Nearby is the modern church of St. Catherine. Also, unfortunately there are few remains of the residence of the governor, and many citizens homes. You can even see the house of one of the two consultants and warehouses on the north wall, which is at a very high point.