Mini Cooper Cabriolet is a car that guarantees an entertaining tour through the streets of cities and enables the user but also to the passengers to further enjoy their trail because it has an open roof system but also in cases where the weather conditions are unfavorable it can restore the roof. Its small size helps enough so that the user finds parking space even in the most crowded streets. It is a small but safe enough practical car that will offer you unforgettable experiences in sunny Crete.

Displacement                               Transmission                                    Passengers

  1600cc                           Manual                           4

   Airbags                                              ABS                                                  Doors

   Yes                                 Yes                                 3

Drivers age                                           AC                                                 Radio/cd

 +21                                   Yes                                 Yes

     Fuel                                      Fuel consumption                                  Luggages

  Unleaded 95                6,7L/100 Km                 3