Therisso is located 16 kilometers South of Chania city, it is built on the northwestern foothills of the White Mountains at an altitude of 580 meters in the southern part of the municipal Therisos unity, a place with beautiful winter scenery and great historical interest for those who wish to visit.

If someone want to reach Therisso he/she will begin south of Chania passing from Perivolia village and then come into the Τheriso gorge that has a length of 6 km, the road is paved, on either side of the road there are rising slopes for those who are interested in hiking while the dense vegetation of trees in the gorge creates a magical landscape that makes the journey more enjoyable and refers us to more exotic places.

A visitor could see a significant monument of the village which is the sacred temple of St. George, that dates back to the second half of the 16th century, or visit the two museums of the village, one is the Historical and folklore museum which mainly operates  at summer, and the second is the national resistance museum.You could also wander in the village square and try the hospitality in one of the taverns and find shelter in places of residence of the village after a long day of trip and tour in the village.

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